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Some of my recent written work.

science news: How kelp forests off california are responding to urchin takeover

95 percent of northern coast forests have been lost, but sea otters are helping farther south.

science news: video calling needed more than a pandemic to take off. will it last?

Scientists, business experts, and even science fiction has long predicted the popularity of the videophone. But they’ve also predicted we’d revert back to voice-only phones as soon as we can. Is the video calling boom really here to stay?

Newsweek: Fed Up with Endless Gloom, Social-Media Users Are Pulling Back

There are signs that some people are rebelling against the onslaught of gloomy news on social media, which experts say can be hazardous to your mental health.

Science News: Climate change helped some dinosaurs migrate to Greenland

A drop in CO2 levels helped massive plant eaters trek from South America to Greenland.

Newsweek: Gangs of Hungry, Violent Rats Take Over the Streets of U.S. Cities

Humans aren’t the only ones whose lives have been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Newsweek: How to start a job remotely, according to experts

There are strategies that new employees can use to not only get to know their co-workers, but also communicate effectively so there aren’t misunderstandings.

Fatherly: Why do babies stare at me?

It’s not just because you’re attractive, but that too.

Fatherly: Do temperature checks for coronavirus really work?

From grocery stores to schools, temperature checks for COVID-19 are becoming the norm. Not everyone thinks that’s so useful.

Newsweek: Private group raises $30 million to test “ecstasy” for PTSD

A private non-profit research group seeking to conduct a final phase of clinical trials of MDMA, the main ingredient in the recreational drug ecstasy, got a major boost last month from Silicon Valley and Wall Street donors.

Science News: Meet three moderators fighting disinformation on Reddit’s largest coronavirus forum

Volunteers share their experiences correcting online information during a pandemic.

Science News: A rare bird sighting doesn’t lead to seeing more kinds of rare birds

The so-called Patagonia Picnic Table Effect is a myth, an analysis of bird sightings suggests.


How to make it easy before, during, and after.

Scienceline: One in 16 women’s first sexual experience was forced, study finds

Women whose first sexual experience was forced are more likely to face long-term health consequences, such as psychological trauma and pelvic pain.

science Insider: How to treat minor burns at home and when to seek medical treatment

You should only attempt to treat a burn at home if it’s a minor thermal burn caused by an external heat source like a hot drink or open flame. Here’s a list of other things to remember.

SELF Magazine: How to prevent and treat that pesky mask acne

Don’t let “maskne” keep you from wearing a mask.